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Street art expresses the mind of the artist about the society and what he is feeling at that time.

Street art expresses the mind of the artist about the society and what he is feeling at that time. Creating such art takes care and brilliance. If you have always wanted to let your creativity run wild, the BroKalex website is the best place to see different kinds of street art unfold. This piece introduces you to the street art gallery, the meaning of graffiti, other types of street art and their place in modern life.

What Is a Gallery?

An art gallery is a place where one can see and buy artwork created by established and emerging artists. Also, the artwork of the owner is displayed for the public to view and buy during an exhibition. Today you have not only physical galleries but virtual galleries on the internet.

BroKalex, the Street art Gallery

Galleries don’t only show the artist’s work but support them to make money from the sale of their artwork through exhibitions, sourcing for book publications and film deals.

In contrast, the BroKalex street art gallery displays the work of talented street artists freely to the public for viewers, or readers to transform their lives and society by what they see.

What do Graffiti mean?

Graffiti is a writing or images artwork sprayed on walls and in public places. This art is usually done without the permission of local authorities. The aim of graffiti is for the artist to communicate his point of view to the reader or viewer. They usually express the artist’s frustrations with the society’s ills.

The words in Graffiti are symbolic of the community where it was displayed. They portray a social menace creatively for all to read and interpret. The message in Graffiti usually communicates a fight for the greater good, but could also be to showcase the artist’s talent. It should also be noted that some street artist are being funded by diverse patrons to promote their work.

What are the other Forms of Street Art?

Street art is art that is produced in public locations and could be temporary or permanent. The artists use it to create awareness of a social problem, advertisements or for their visual appeal to the public. Spray-painting on a public wall is the most familiar type. You should know that street art has many kinds, such as:

  • Stencil graffiti. This Art is like graffiti, but here the artist reproduces an image using a template.
  • Sculptor. It is carving or construction with sharp implements to produce images on wood, stones, or bones. This Art is linked to religion, history, or politics.
  • Street posters. A poster is printed on paper and exhibited in a public location to attract attention. Street poster arts can be a drawing, calligraphy, or painting.
  • Spray Paint Murals. They are spray-painted on walls, ceilings, and permanent places to decorate and intrigue you with abstract concepts with a goal.

Other forms of street arts are video projections, stickers, moss, chalk art, yarn bombing, wood blocking, mosaic, and flash mobbing.

What is the Place of Street Art Today?

First, we should define the difference between a hired street artist and a self-appointed social critic.

The hired one has the permission of the local authority to paint on a wall or display a poster in public. In comparison, the non-commissioned artist paints at significant risk of being arrested for desecrating public buildings and spaces.

That said, Street art today is an innovative tool for posing challenging questions, expressing your political views, beautifying the urban areas, and shaping social dialogue in a community.

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